Planning of electrics of hardware and construction

For a successful electric construction, reliable systems are required.
This is why we use CAD-Systems by Eplan® (Version 3.5, 3.7 and P8) and Ruplan®.
With the help of additional tools, also standardized parts of the construction are realized in Excel and afterwards integrated in the system. Due to the long experience of our employees, we have a great data base with the most commonly used components.  

Planning for various country standards: During the construction, we observe various standards and regulations just as DIN, EN, JIC, VDE, IEC, NEMA but also customer-owned just as DB, VW, AUDI, GM.

Control cabinet construction

We offer:
- Control cabinet constsruction on demand / or in-house planning
- Installation with purchasing of all materials
- Installation with materials ordered by the customer
- Engraving and labelling of front panels and user interfaces
- plain installation service

In our factory with modern equipment, we produce control cabinets and control panels according to construction plans in a very short time. The production is made in Karlsruhe. Beside new constructions, we update electronic cabinets to the latest state of technology and the machinery directive. All our projects are extensively tested in our house and put into operation on-site. Of course we install and electrically wire the control systems ourselves and test them on the observation of all VDE/VDI and DIN standards so that they leave our factory functionality tested.

We deliver various versions and dimensions:
- Cabinets for metrology
- Control panels
- Control cabinets for production plants
- Control cabinets for test benches