Breakout Box SCSI to BNC

Breakout Box SCSI 24-fold

With the SCSI to BNC Connector Box, both the system pins and the digital pins of the SCSI 68 connector can be split completely uncomplicatedly to one BNC socket each, so that you can plug inputs and outputs very easily. Since we can assign all BNC sockets entirely according to your wishes, you are not bound to a predefined solution. So we are able to customise your connection box completely for your application.
Of course, the inputs and outputs can also be colour-coded in addition to the labelling.

Suitable for the application for: e.g. with the cards NI 783xR,NI 784xR,NI 785xR

Pin assignment SCSI 68 Male

The illustration on the left shows the pin assignment of the SCSI 68.
Each individual socket is connected to the plug with inner conductor and outer contact.

We create a customised assignment of the connections for orders as small as 1 piece.

Summary as data sheet SCSI

Breakout Box SCSI 68pin to BNC 24-way - inside and outside view: