ATQ350 BNC 75R

Quickboard ATQ350 BNC 75R incl. housing

Modular installation housings according to DIN43880 with breadboard for quick setup of experimental or sample circuits.


  • enclosure, terminal connections and PCB fit together perfectly
  • professional look and quality
  • universally applicable


  • PCB with 2,54mm pitch
  • PCB equipped with terminal strips
  • BNC jacks (75R) on both sides
  • sufficient space for building your own electronics
  • DIN rail enclosure with ventialtion slots
  • enclosure easy to open, screwless assembly
  • dimensions: 35x86x58mm

Experimental boards / development kit with BNC

Modular installation housings according to DIN43880 with breadboard for the quick assembly of test or sample circuits, such as attenuators, RF circuits or measuring circuits.
The PCB is equipped with BNC sockets (75R) on both sides.

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Application example


Technische Daten

PCB Pitch 2,54mm
  FR4 (Epoxi) with solder resist
  1mm hole diameter, plated through
  35D Copper plating
BNC connection 2x jack, optional 50R or 75R
Breadboard 9 x 21
Enclosure DIN rail
  Snap-on according to DIN 50 022
  Self-extinguishing according to UL94
Color grey / black
Dimensions 35 x 86 x 58mm
Storage temperature -20°C to +90°C
Protection Class IP20
<b>BNC jack 75R</b>  
Impedance 75R
Contact material Phosphor bronze
Contact plating Gold
myx. Frequency 4 GHz
VSWR 1.3
max. Voltage 500V
Mechanism Bayonet

Examples for applications of our customers

  • suitable for the commissioning of production plants and machines
  • optimization of production processes
  • for maintenance
  • measuring device for research and development

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