Test equipment for your success

Modern measurement technology - test equipment to optimize your production and service

Test equipment to optimize your production and service

Our innovative team works tirelessly to continuously optimize the processes of our production for coaxial cables and cable assemblies. All products presented here originate from practical application and the desire for reliable and fast testing of production results. With the introduction of this solution into our working process we were able to increase our productivity and quality again significantly.

We would like you to share in this success, which is why we have now expanded our range to include all of these field-proven devices.

Cable tester Timag Professional

Our Timag Professional test tester is used for quality assurance in the production of high-quality coaxial cables.
The DC resistance is automatically tested and a calibration-capable insulation measuring device is used to precisely determine whether the crimping has been carried out correctly and optimally.
Testing of the cables for continuity, interruption, short circuit, interchange, shield breakage and insulation faults in one operation.

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